50 days left till round the world

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Big floppy donkey dick… so it’s official now! I’ll start my longest trip by so far; round the world (RTW) in a year. I have 50 days left till 27th of September when I’ll fly to Cape Town, South Africa and begin the journey (tag and category is Turbo The World – TTW)

Some facts nor estimates

16 000 euros; ~50 euros per day
To the sunrise! -> India -> Asia -> Pacific -> South or North America.
Countries I hope to visit
South Africa, Namibia, Zambia, Tansania, India, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Taiwan, Philippines, Indonesia, Bali, Australia, New Zealand, Tonga, Chile, Mexico, US and Canada

The next stop: Africa

A medium size carry-on backpack (45 + 10 litres) and pre-booked only a single flight and 5 days of hostel in Cape Town. That’s all because I want to keep my plans open and not too much pre-hustle. I’ll probably book a flight from Africa to India before I leave because I would love to have at least 2nd leg to look to.

The motive

I have been working full-time from 2009 and a rat race is pretty well-known. 7 years of work has taught me a lot of business life and employment. I have a great job with the most awesome colleges; what more I could expect? The best thing is that I know now what to expect of a life with roots in the ground. It’s not my time yet because still have too much to see and experience. Sabbatical leave (or a career break) would define perfectly what I’m actually doing.

The time is now or never, too often people realise this fact too late.

Turbo.Press and TTW

I’ll keep posting and the project up and running. All post from the RTW are tagged with the category TTW. If you have some ideas or suggestion, please don’t hesitate to contact. In the meantime, please read my previous posts.