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01 Nov

From Garden Route to The Wild Coast

Following two captions of my travel journal are written in the Wild Coast of South Africa. Let me share some stories and thoughts of my previous weeks.

TUE 25/10/16; after four weeks travelling.

I have been in quite many places recently and haven’t had that much time to write. after Wild Spirit backpackers I traveled to Chintsa, Mdumbi and Coffee Bay. Lovely time! I’m currently in Coffee Bay, Sugarloaf Backpackers enjoying my time here and going Durban tomorrow.

FRI 28/10/16; wild drumming party in Durban

In the city! I wasn’t sure if there was much to do in Durban before arriving here but it was good thing to expect nothing. I have done quite a lot during these two days here. My travel supplies needed some upgrades which is why I bought a new day backpack and some new clothes. I had a great time with locals and other fellow travellers partying at Happy Hippos and Cool Runnings. I’ll take a bus to northern  Drakensberg tomorrow and stay there for three nights. After Drakensberg, I’ll continue my journey to Johannesburg.

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