Goodbye Finland, Hello World!

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A day till RTW and I must say it has been the most stressful week of my life. There has been way too many things going on and I feel like being in some sort of limbo at the moment. I started emptying my apartment on Monday, turned 29 on Tuesday, the last day of work on Wednesday, cleaned my old apartment and moved all my remain stuff to a warehouse on Saturday. And finally got my backpack ready to go and had a chance to write.

Goodbye Finland!

There is nothing more important for me than social life. The worst part of leaving is to leave friends and family behind. I know that we live in the world with access to Internet from almost every corner of the planet and there are multiple ways to communicate globally. It’s all great but these will never replace real-life interaction. This is why I am really going to miss all the people who have been one way or another part my life in Finland; hopefully I have chance to see some of these people during my travels.

DJ setup  Frisbee Golf in SiltamäkiTexas Muge DJing R2 DJing
Some random pictures of last weeks in Finland

Hello World!

I had to start with the topic above ^ since there’ll always be a little nerd in me. 🙂

I feel thrilled and a bit nervous but all in all; I am ready to go! I’ll probably try to relax for the first few days in Cape Town since my stress level is in the maximum at the moment. My worst fear is that after the stress calms down I’ll probably get sick but I have all the time in the world now.

If I would have another chance to prepare for the trip, there are so many things which I would definitely do differently. The problem is that I had way too little time and way too many things to do. The best tip is to reserve enough time for all necessary things to do.

Arttu Uskali 20.9. after a haircut
I had a chance to get a haircut before I leave 🙂

It’s time to open a new chapter in my life and say: Goodbye Finland, Hello World! I’ll write within few weeks if don’t get mugged and beaten up.

*update* Thanks to my mom and dad, I had a chance to go to Sauna last time for a while and then there was the scenery (incredible!)

Houhajärvi 26.9.2016


  1. Family Heil  —  September 26, 2016 at 5:52 pm

    Hi Arttu! We wish you all the best for your trip! We are very excited about your journey and will watch frequently what’s going on by checking your blog 🙂

    All the best! / Alles Gute!

    Family Heil from Karlsruhe

    • arttu  —  September 26, 2016 at 9:15 pm

      Thank you!

      I’ll have a quick layover in your neighbour city Frankfurt tomorrow; hopefully have time to enjoy a pint to celebrate Oktoberfest! 😀


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