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After staying for two nights in Knysna, it was nice to get back into the nature again. This time I stayed in Wild Spirit Backpackers which is located in The Crags – Nature’s Valley.

While I was in Wilderness, I met Hannes who’s a great guy from Switzerland. He’s travelling solo for one and a half months in South Africa. We had some nice time in Wilderness – so we decided to meet in Wild Spirit again.


I saw the most of the city centre, Thesen Island and Judah Square which is Rastafarian community near by. There are not too much to do around in Knysna but it was nice to chill and see around for two days. I stayed in Island Vibe backpackers which is a good place for two nights sleep and Braai; accidentally ended up in a bar with a local worker who’s painting a house in Thesen Island at the moment. He showed me some secrets of gambling with slot machines in South Africa.

A man with 40 wivesa tabernacle (church) @ Judah Square
A man with 40 wives and a tabernacle (church) @ Judah Square

While you’re in a city or town with shops around; it’s also good time to check your equipment, banking (ATM), food, water etc… and that was also what I did. The biggest problem is that I don’t have a proper day backpack at the moment so that’s something I have to look for. I’ve been using my day to summit light bag but I think it’s more of a beach bag rather than proper day backpack.

Wild Spirit, Nature’s Valley

I arrived to Wild Spirit on Thursday evening and stayed for four nights. There are many things you can do around. I did a lot of hiking and bungee at the Bloukrans Bridge which is the world’s highest commercial bridge bungy at 216 metres above the Bloukrans River.

Beach hike @ Nature's ValleyDeep in a forest of Nature's Valley
Deep in a forest of and beach hike @ Nature’s Valley

Wild Spirit is a good place to be creative and join drumming circles held around the fireplace. There are many places you can meditate and a yoga studio. Wild Spirit offers many options on accommodation; you can camp, stay in dorms, private rooms, a tree house, safari tents etc. The view of the scenery around is an indescribable. The nature is beautiful and local people – volunteers are friendly. The only thing that bothered me at the time I was staying; the most of the people around went to sleep and woke up quite early. I’m more of a night person, so not much to do around after 10 – 11 while travelling solo.

A waterfall near Wild Spirit
A waterfall near Wild Spirit


Some thoughts after 3 weeks of traveling

It has been some of the best time of my life traveling around SA but I recently had my first travel depression for few nights. It was nothing that I couldn’t cope with but annoyed that it happened now and here in the beautiful scenery of Nature’s Valley. I think it’s normal to feel this way every now and then; it’s also good time to learn a bit more of yourself. I had some of the following questions stuck in my head:

  • What am I doing here?
  • Was it actually right decision to leave my previous life and use all my saving on this?
  • I wonder what my friends and family are doing at the moment?
  • Why can’t I enjoy the moment?


  • Experiencing everything new and exciting around
  • Yes! There’ll always be a way back home and money to be earned.
    • How much we actually need poverty? Should we maybe consume and own less?
      • Not much – some food, water and a roof over your head and yes, I think we should consume less.
  • My friends and family are probably hanging out somewhere and doing things they enjoy.
  • Stop thinking too much and try to reboot your brain with meditation. Remember to chill!

The answers may not be this simple but helps me to cope. This’ll not be the last time I experience travel depression or any other adversities – so it’s better to recognise symptoms, and experience things how they are. I’m happy at the moment and waiting to get a ride to Port Elizabeth from where I’ll continue to Chintsa. (550 kilometres)


  1. Janne Hyytiä  —  October 19, 2016 at 4:00 am


    I’m trying to follow your ventures actively too. Go Arttu! :).

    I think what you write makes a lot of sense if I think it from my view and experience, I mean I would imagine the questions and learning about oneself etc. as part of that journey and might even be the most important part? I’m the sort of person who does and more like used to do a lot of self-analyzing and self learning (used to part might indicate, it’s somewhere along the road in the future for me too). When things happen in your life and you get “stuck” on the same patterns, you sometimes lose yourself and need to shake things up. That has happened to me several times in my life at least. Last time I went to lapland for half a year (before sigmatic). And how you did the departure, I think it was actually a very good method! You didn’t abandon anyone, didn’t leave any unattended responsibilities, you made a really nice farewell departure for your journey not all people do that, when they decide to shake things a bit! You are a really dependable and reliable person and that’s an awesome thing! But these analyzes is all based on my own experiences and oneself and could of course be totally wrong :).

    In any case, I think what you are doing is a really good and brave thing! So you should definitely keep going, for as long as you can and feel like you can! Remember, you can always return back whenever you want to. Since there will undoubtedly always be a place to return to for a good guy like you :).

    And the journey sounds really cool so far! I can read about your journeys and think of the experiences you encounter that I could very likely not be able to experience anymore (though there are other interesting challenges that keep me busy and mostly happy ;)).

    So keep up the spirit and wish you happy journeys!


  2. Alex  —  October 20, 2016 at 6:01 pm

    Hi Arttu,

    it’s great that you are sharing your thoughts so openly! I think I can very much relate to your feelings and thoughts that you were writing about. Many of those thoughts come in my mind as well – especially if I got time for thinking 😀 I am sure you can overcome those feelings and you are ready for them when the next travel depression will come up^^

    Best regards from me and Familie Heil

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